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The Gibson L-12 was introduced in 1932 as a 16-inch archtop, one step below the iconic L-5.  Along with the L-5 and L-10, the L-12 became an "advanced" 17-inch x-braced archtop.  In 1939 the 17-inch guitars began to made with parallel bracing as the standard, making this among the last x-braced L-12s made.  


This example is in superb, all original condition, and had a single owner for most of its life.  It is easy to see why he kept it and cared for it so well for so many decades.  The guitar plays beautifully and has the rich full sound one expects from an pre-war X-braced Gibson archtop.  There is a large amount of volume on tap here as well.  This fullness and dynamic range make this guitar exceptionally good as a solo guitar or for accompaniment in a small group, such as a duet or trio.


The guitar is completely free of cracks and the finish is in very good condition for a guitar that is over 80 years old.  The neck is partially worn bare, but feels smooth and fast.  One of the most notable features is the highly coveted decorative plate metal tailpiece which was used on the L-12 only for a short while.  Also note the heavy bubble figuring of the back.  Bubble is considered among the rarest figuring found in maple and normally commands the highest premium.  The tuners and bridge are also original.  The tuners work very nicely and hold tuning perfectly.  The bridge has room for adjustment either up or down.  The original pickguard with serial number etched into the underside is included without mounting bracket, but is not attached.  The pickguard was notched at some point to accomodate a DeArmond pickup.


The guitar comes with its original airplane cloth, painted and lacquered Geib case.  The handle has been replaced and two of the metal feet are missing from the bottom, but the case is otherwise solid with all functioning latches and hinges.


Ships free almost anywhere worldwide.  International customers please contact us before purchase.

SOLD - 1939 Gibson L-12 Acoustic Archtop - 17-inch, X-braced - Superb Tone

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