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When I got this amp in it worked, but clearly needed some work.  Some of the capacitors were clearly shot.  As with all of my amplifiers that need some attention, I had Michael Clark of Clark Amplification service this amp.  Michael replaced all of the components which were no longer within spec and made sure that a new 3-prong plug was properly installed.  The tubes are a mix of vintage NOS tubes and original tubes that were still within spec.

The amp now works great and sounds fantastic with its original Jensen coil-field speaker.  You can take it from a really nice clean or crank it into overdrive for a nice crunch.  Like other BR-9 amps of this era, this one actually has the GA-9 circuit.

If you're looking for a nice BR-9 amplifier that has been recently serviced by one of the best amp builders working today, one that should be ready for years of trouble-free service, look no further.  This is the one.


Free shipping in the continental US.

International buyers, contact me for shipping quotes.

SOLD - 1950s Gibson BR-9 Tube Combo Amp

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