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This 1965 Gibson ES-330 is in beautiful condition for a guitar that is approaching 60 years old.  The P90s in this guitar have everything I want to hear in a vintage P90 with great attack, clarity, and just the right amount of chime.  This guitar brought a smile to my face with the first note.  You can nail classic Grant Green tone, the Beatles tones they got with their Epiphone Casinos.  As with most guitars with P90 pickups, it can easily stretch beyond the classic jazz and rock 'n' roll tones these fully hollowbody thinline guitars are known for.


The playability is superb and the frets have lots of life in them.  The nut is the slightly narrower 1 10/16", right in between the more standard 1 11/16" and the 1 9/16" that the late 1960s is know for.  I mainly play guitars with 1 11/16" to 1 3/4" nuts widths, but found this guitar's C-shaped neck very easy to navigate.


The all original finish is overall very good condition for its age, showing typical finish checking.  The back shows some minor scuffs to the body and to the neck, as pictured.  There is also evidence of a coiled cable causing a few melted lacquer spots to the neck near the headstock and to the back of the headstock around the serial number area.  The number is still readable. All parts appear original to the guitar, including all original nylon bridge saddles.  The pickguard and bracket are missing, but the original pickguard mounting screws will be included.


Weight - 5.9 pounds

Nut width - 1 5/8 inches

1st fret depth - 0.82 inches

12th fret depth - 0.99 inches


The guitar comes with a 2010s Gibson case which fits perfectly.


Ships free in the United States and for very reasonable rates worldwide.56

SOLD - 1965 Gibson ES-330 TD Full hollowbody thinline

$5,599.00 Regular Price
$5,399.00Sale Price
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