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The ES-125C is a very short lived model, coming in at the end of the heyday of the Gibson electric archtop.  This model took the exact same body and electronics used in the iconic 1950s ES-175 and paired it with an unbound neck with dot inlays and a silkscreen logo.  While not as fancy, it has all of the same tone and playability of the classic 1950s P90 loaded ES-175, made famous by many of the jazz greats, like Herb Ellis and Jim Hall.


This particular guitar is in remarkably clean, near mint condition, rarely seen in a guitar that is 56 years old.  Also of note is the presence of a factory original Bigsby tailpiece.  In every other way the guitar also appears original, even the frets which show remarkably little wear.  Although it's hard to say with certainty, the Bigsby rocker bridge also appears to likely be original in this case.


The guitar is set up to play beautifully and the Bigsby tremolo functions perfectly.  The electronics work perfectly as well, and the guitar has the classic P90 tone we would expect.  All in all, this guitar is a phenomenal find.


The guitar comes with a era correct, vintage Victoria hardshell case which while likely not original, fits the guitar very well and is a very well made, high quality case.  Victoria made cases that were used by Gibson, I have never seen a Gibson version with a green liner.


Ships free in the continental United States.  We also ship worldwide.  Please contact us for international rates.

SOLD - 1966 Gibson ES-125C - Rare Model - Near Mint - Factory Bigsby

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