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A 1970s Matsumoku Japanese factory build, this guitar is purported to be a prototype for a 17-inch Epiphone archtop.  While there is no documentation of this, this guitar shares many build features with the Epiphone Emperor F, as well as other similar models such as the Aria PE-180.


What we can say for sure is that you will not find a nicer playing electric archtop made by anyone.  Even with the action impossibly low, there is no fret buzz.  The electronics are all original and sound wonderful.  The humbuckers have a smooth warm sound that can be dialed in to sound very similar classic Gibson archtops that go for three times higher or more.  This guitar definitely fits with the idea of Matsumoku showing what they were capable of doing.


The condition is beautiful with very few signs of wear for a guitar that is about 45 years old.  The included hardshell case functions perfectly, and appears likely original to the guitar.

SOLD - 1970s Epiphone "L-5" Style 17-inch Archtop - Matsumoku Build

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