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This is an absolutely beautifully maintained R9.  There are a few 1 mm or less very slight surface dents, otherwise it is in near mint condition. The original hardshell case and all of the original paperwork, even the original sale receipt, are included.  All of this is exceptional for a 20+ year old guitar.


That being said, this is definitely a players guitar too.  It's not in great condition because no one would want to play it.  It's just been babied.  The action is smooth with clear notes ringing out at every fret on every string.  We tested it out through a 1959 Vibrolux and it absolutely sings.  It has just the right amount of bite and has great clarity.  This one definitely captures the classic sound of a vintage Les Paul.  The buyer will ectstatic, I have no doubt.


We ship worldwide!  Please contact us for rates.

SOLD -2000 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Standard 1959 Reissue R9

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