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This 2023 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s comes in a gloss honey burst finish which is a color not typically available in the model.  For that reason it was sold as a "MOD".  It has also had a full, professionally done "Greeny" mod with appropriate mismatched control knobs and OX4 PAF reproductions with reversed magnetic polarity in the neck pickup to give the out of phase middle position.  I've done videos which can be found on YouTube demoing both the $20,000 and $3,000 versions of the Gibson Greeny guitars.  Tone wise this one is superior in my opinion, especially in the out of phase setting.


The guitar is marked "MOD" on the back of the headstock, but has no other significant marks or scratches that I can find.  I would definitely categorize it as near mint condition.  The top has a nice AA flame and there is a bit of ribbon figuring in the mahogany back.  The playability is excellent and all notes ring out clearly at all frets.


Weight - 9.3 pounds

Nut width - 1.71 inches

1st fret depth - 0.91 inches

12th fret depth - 1.00 inches


The guitar comes with all of the original case candy and original hard shell case.


Ships free in the US and for very reasonable rates worldwide.

SOLD -2023 Gibson Mod Collection Les Paul Standard 50s Honey Burst - Greeny Mod

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