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This 1930s Gibson ES-150 has restoration work that is a bit of a mystery.  The obvious stuff include the refinish with a decidedly non-Gibson burst pattern and natural finish on the back and sides.  The tailpiece is also a replacement with modern endpin jack.  The construction of the body is the usual x-braced top and flat back.  The neck has the usual V-shape, although it seems to have been softened a bit compared to all of the original examples I've played, presumably this was sanded down a bit at the time of the refinish.  Another interesting variation is the fretboard, while likely a replacement with a cupid's bow end on it, the mother of pearl markers look vintage correct, including the spacing of the 12th fret markers.  Lastly, the pickup, while a vintage correct 1930s era example with a non-notched rail, the bobbin is a double bound version, commonly seen on the ES-250.  There is no visible factory order number to aid in more exactly dating this one.


The back has two repaired cracks, but the top and sides are free of cracks.  The neck is smooth, again with a somewhat softened V-shape.  The frets are in very good condition, and the playability is great with low, fast action.  The pickup, as expected, gives the expected classic vintage tone one would expect from an ES-150.  All in all, while having some interesting restoration work, this is an excellent playing and sounding example of the first successful electric guitar, as made famous by Charlie Christian.


The tuners are modern replacements and the pickguard is a reproduction.  The finish shows a couple of chips on the edge of the face of the headstock, and there are a couple of other small finish chips on the body.  Otherwise, there is just some light surface scratches.


Weight - 5.5 pounds

Nut width - 1.73 inches

1st fret depth - 0.94 inches

10th fret depth - 1.09 inches

Scale length - 24.75 inches


The guitar comes with a non-original hard shell case.


Ships free in the United States, and for reasonable rates worldwide.

1939 Gibson ES-150 - Restored

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