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We wish we could have more of these classic 16 inch Gibson archtops to offer, so we are very excited to be able to make this one available.


Dating to 1932, this one came to us from a widow who had been seriously low balled by a very well known instrument dealer.  We gave her triple what they offered, and then undertook complete a complete refinish by master luthier, Darrell Guinn.  When it came to us it had a long ago attempt at a natural refinish which simply did not do this guitar justice.  It was also in dire need of a refret.  Fortunately, the guitar was in perfect structural condition with no cracks or breaks at all.  Darrell gave it a flawless ebony finish to bring it back to its original glory and with the refret was able to bring it back to an amazing player as well.


The sound is that of a classic 16 inch pre-war Gibson archtop, and even compares well to our permanent collection 1933 16 inch D'Angelico, a guitar with a value at least four times that of this one.  Click here to hear both of those, along with a 1938 L-50 and a Trenier Broadway.


The neck has a typical V-shape of the era, and the rosewood fretboard has the windowpane inlays that we just love around here.  The tuners, bridge, and tailpiece are all original.  We replaced the degraded pickguard with a new reproduction using the original mounting hardware.  The original hardshell case is also included.


Ships free in the continental United States.  Other areas contact us for rates.



SOLD - 1932 Gibson L-10

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