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Video of the guitar can be seen here


1934 the L-12 archtop guitar was second only to the L-5. At this time the L-12, like the L-5 was still a 16-inch guitar, like the original Lloyd Loar design. This L-12 has the same gold hardware pieces used on the L-5 at the time. This includes the original tuners which happen to be a very sought after shortly lived variation of the Grover Sta-tite which was also used on some Martin guitars of the era. I have seen these tuners go for over $1000 by themselves.


Note the unusual variation of the picture frame inlays. This "wreath" pattern is present on the guitar in the 1934 Gibson catalog, but I have not been able to find this pattern on any other Gibson archtop. There are likely a few more out there, but every other example I have ever seen in person or online all have the more typical picture frame pattern.


The guitar has had a complete, fresh setup and plays as smooth as any archtop I've ever played and is capable of very low action with no buzzing. Should you want to drive this one hard, the action can easily be raised. The tone is loud, clear, and balanced. I seriously thought about adding this one to my collection next to my 16-inch D'Angelico snakehead. This guitar is superior in every way to the 1935 L-5 that we recently had, and compares very favorably with the D'Angelico at a fraction of the cost.


One non-original item on this guitar is one that I can't entirely explain. For some reason, the truss rod nut was replaced with a bullet style nut. There is no issue though with the functioning of the truss rod. I was easily able to take relief out of the neck, so I consider this of no concern at all.  The other is the pickguard, which does not appear to be original.


The guitar comes with the original hardshell case.


SOLD - 1934 Gibson L-12 -- Sunburst --16 Inch Archtop

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