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We always love getting these 1930s 16-inch Gibson archtops in stock.  This particular one features all original parts, other than a professional refret at some point.  The finish is also all orginal.  The original tuners were temporarily replace at some point, but the original mid-30s Grover Sta-tite tuners (very valuable on their own) are again on the guitar.  These tuners function very well.  There are no cracks or repairs. There are two small screw holes in the top from previous pickguards.  A reproduction pickguard can be installed for an additional charge.


The frets are in very good conditon with lots of life left in them.  The guitar plays smoothly with all notes ringing out clearly across the Brazilian rosewood fretboard.  The guitar has the punchy, fast-attack and mid-focused tone typically expected from a 16-inch Gibson archtop.  These guitars are very versatile, but certainly excel at the jazz comping and chord-melody they are typically used for.  That's definitely not all that they are good at though.


The orignal hardshell case is in fully functioning condition.  It has many Hawaiian themed vintage stickers on it.


Ships free in the continental United States.  Worldwide shipping is also available.  Please contact us for international rates.



SOLD - 1934 Gibson L-7 Acoustic Archtop

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