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This Epiphone Broadway has the classic dry punch one expects to hear from a walnut Broadway.  This one  is among the earlier versions that is both made of walnut and comes in the 16 3/8" body, making it a transitional guitar existing only shortly before these started being made in the 17 3/8" body.  This guitar has a very mid-focused tone well suited to band accompaniment.  These guitars are well known for being little cannons.


The guitar plays well action set appropriate for an acoustic archtop.  The neck is overall a full C-shape with a very slight V-shape near the headstock..


This one has it's original finish and Frequensator tailpiece.  The tailpiece shows brazing to bass side for repair of a small crack.  This repair is strong.  The other side shows no signs of cracking.  The back and sides are completely crack free.  The top shows two small repaired cracks, one on the treble side upper bout, and the other coming from the bass side f-hole.  Each is about 3 cm long.  Glued and cleated, these should be stable.  The replacement tuners are modern high ratio Grover Sta-Tite versions with the appropriate butterbean style buttons, giving the player the correct style and superior tuning adjustment.  The frets show some wear, but have a lot of life left in them.  They appear to likely have been professionally replaced long ago with vintage style wire.  The bridge is not original and appears consistent with a '50s era Gibson bridge with a two-footed base.  The binding shows a few focal cracks due to shrinkage and a small piece missing on the headstock, but does not show any signs of rot.  The 9th fret marker inlay shows a very long ago repair.


Weight - 4.7 pounds

Nut width - 1.7 inches


Era correct 1930s hard shell case is included.

SOLD - 1935 Epiphone Broadway - 16" - Adirondack Spruce Top - Walnut Back/sides

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