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This 85+ year old Gibson archtop packs a lot of sound in a small package.  At just 14 3/4" across the lower bout, this guitar is sure to be much more comfortable to those who find larger archtops uncomfortable to play.  While it's small, it has a great amount of punchy volume and great tone with much more bass response than one would expect in such a small package.  The playability is also superb, strung with a new set of Elixir Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze 12-53 set.  It plays effortlessly and is simply a joy to play.  The neck has a full, soft V profile which is quite comfortable.


The guitar is in all original condition, except for the bridge saddle, which while very similar to the original, and made of ebony, is a later replacement.  The tailpiece, pickguard and Grover 3 on a plate tuners are all orignal.  The finish shows playwear and there are some finish cracks on the back.  The carved spruce top is free of cracks, as are the wood of the sides and back.  There is a prominent center seam on the back, but it does not show any separation.  The braces are all intact and in place.  The fretboard shows prominent divots in the "cowboy chord" area of the first 3 frets and some slight wear higher up.  The frets were likely replaced at some point with vintage spec wire.  Overall, they are in great condition, but there is a small divot in the 1st fret at the B string which does not affect play.


The finish and hardware lead us to date this guitar at approximately 1935.  These features would also make the model of this guitar technically an L-37, rather than the structurally same L-30.


Weight - 3.98 pounds
Nut width - 1.76 inches


The guitar comes with a well fitted chipboard case.


Ships free in the continental United States.  We also ship worldwide.  Please contact us for international rates.

SOLD - 1935 Gibson L-37 (L-30) 14 3/4" Archtop

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