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While most Gibson L-50 archtops have been built with the fretboard flush to the top of the body, in 1935 and 1936 some examples were built with an elevated fretboard, like would be found on the more expensive Gibson archtops of the era like the L-5, L-10, L12, and L-7.  This guitar is one such example.  The top is hand carved Adirondack spruce with small f-holes, so the top was made the same as these more expensive 16 inch models as well.  This one has returned to us after being loved by a repeat customer who traded up to an L-7.  We were more than happy to take this one in again.

The neck has a V-shaped carve that is on the softer side, and the frets are the original skinny ones.  This one is flat backed.  The back had a couple of cracks repaired and the back was refinished by master luthier, Darrell Guinn, and looks flawless.  The top, sides, and neck are all original finish.  One tuner is a replacement and all tuners function well and stay in tune.  The neck is straight and the guitar plays well.  The guitar has great projection and tone of a classic pre-war, 16-inch, Gibson archtop.

A chipboard case is included.

Free shipping in the continental United States. 

SOLD - 1935 Gibson L-50 - Sunburst - Elevated fretboard like 16" L-5

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