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This is the L-50 we always look for here at That Rhythm Man Guitars.  This is essentially the "bargain" pre-war Gibson 16-inch, parallel braced archtop.  This is wear you can get the closest to a 16-inch L-5 for the least amount of cash.  What keeps most L-50s from achieving this is the flush mounted fingerboard.  Many people think this keeps the top from vibrating as well.  Also, very importantly, if one wants to mount a floating pickup at the end of the fingerboard, this is the version you have to have. 


Another factor to consider when buying one of these pre-war L-50s is that most have a neck angle that is great for acoustic comping, but won't allow for low electric guitar style action.  Fortunately, this one has the perfect angle.  The action can get as low as you want for fast runs or it can be adjusted up for optimal acoustic volume.  The frets are in good condition.  There are some divots in some of the frets,  mainly the first few, but not enough to affect play.  There should be a lot of life left in them still, unless you happen to be a particularly agressive fretter.  The neck has the typical mid-1930s Gibson V-shape.   


All parts and the finish are original.  The finish shows playwear, consistent with a guitar over 80 years old that has been played, but well cared for.  The original pickguard has an amateur cutout for a floating pickup which could easily be cleaned up for a professional look if desired.  The wood of the fingerboard shows some playwear, but it does not affect playability in any way.  The guitar is crack free, except for a small stable surface crack on the back.  The top is 100% free of cracks.


This flat backed archtop, most importantly, also has the thing that we are all looking for.  It sounds fantastic.  It has the mid-range bark of a classic 16-inch Gibson for backing a band and would also make a great solo guitar.


Nut width - 1.72 inches

Weight - 4.58 pounds


Lastly, we come to the case.  This one has the original redline Geib case which is in phenomenal condition for its age.  The outer covering shows very little wear and all latches and hinges work perfectly.  The handle no longer has its original leather covering, and was at some point covered in black electrical tape.  Make no mistake this is a very sought after case on its own and is quite valuable, particularly in this condition.


Ships free in the continental United States.  We also ship internationally. Please contact us for international rates.

SOLD - 1935 Gibson L-50 with Elevated Fingerboard and 16-inch Lower Bout

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