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This Cromwell G-4 was made by Gibson during the depression era when they made many guitars under other brand names that had some cost cutting measures compared to the main Gibson line of guitars.  These are often still excellent guitars, but typically don't have adjustable truss rods and will have pressed arched backs instead of carved.  This model is very similar to the L-50 of the era, except the back of the L-50 was typically flat at this time, while this one is arched.  This guitar also has solid carved braces in an X-brace pattern, whereas the L-50 had kerfed parallel braces.


This guitar plays remarkably well with a neck that has clearly been very stable for over 80 years.  The frets are original.  While they are the typical narrow wire of the era, they definitely have some life left in them.  All notes ring out clearly.  The guitar has a big, bold voice that is warm and somewhat dry.  It has enough volume to back a band or could certainly excel at acoustic blues.  The neck is mostly a full C-shape with just a slight V to the shape near the headstock.  The neck is very uniform in depth with very little taper.


The body is in fantastic condition.  It is completely crack free and the neck is straight.  The Brazilian rosewood bridge has room for adjustment either up or down as the player prefers.  The label applied by the original retailer "New York Band Instruments"  is still on the back throught the bass side f-hole.


Weight - 4.1 pounds

Nut width - 1.78 inches

1st fret depth - 1.0 inches

10th fret depth - 1.08 inches


The guitar comes with a vintage chipboard case with an alligator pattern.


Ships free in the continental United States.  We also ship worldwide.  Please contact us for international rates.

SOLD - 1937 Cromwell G-4 Archtop - Made by Gibson - All Original

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