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This 1937 Gibson L-50 is one of the small number of the model made with the neck construction like the L-5 with the elevated fingerboard.  This is an important factor for those who want to put a floating pickup on their acoustic archtop.  The elevated fingerboard, like this one has, easily allows for a floating pickup to be placed at any point from the fingerboard end to the bridge.


This guitar also has the flat back that was commonly seen in this model during the 1930s.  The guitar plays well and has the mid-range punch typical of 16-inch, parallel braced archtops.  The carved, solid spruce top is crack free. The neck has the V shape typical of 1930s Gibsons.  It does not have as hard of a V shape as many.  This shape is particular good for people who like to wrap their thumb around to fret the low E string, but I find this shape comfortable as well.


The bridge is original.  The pickguard is a reproduction with the original mounting bracket.  The top shows an oversprayed layer of lacquer over the original top finish.  The back, sides, and neck appear to have been completely, professionally refinished with a beautifully done gloss.  The back shows a couple of stable cracks, and a reglued original back brace.  The tuners are modern reproductions and work beautifully.


The guitar comes with a photo of the orignal owner with the guitar, dated 1937 on the back, presumably taken right after getting his new guitar!  The orignal redline-style case is included, which significantly increases the overall cost of this guitar, since these were the cases that originally were sold to buyers of the other 16-inch archtops, including the L-5.  I can also sell the guitar for a significant discount with a different case.


Ships free in the continental United States.  We ship worldwide.  Please contact us for international rates.


SOLD - 1937 Gibson L-50 16-inch Acoustic Archtop - Elevated Fingerboard

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