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This is a very nice example of the 17-inch "advanced" Gibson X-braced archtop.  It has a big, balanced voice, making it an exceptionally versatile archtop guitar.  It is also among the last of the L-7 examples to boast the "picture frame" banjo-style inlays, as these were phased out by 1940.  


This one has been well played, but also well cared for.  The top is crack free and while the center seam on the back can be seen, it does not appear to have ever separated, making the guitar free of cracks.  The bridge has room to adjust either up or down as the player prefers.  Notes ring out clearly at all frets, and the guitar plays beautifully. The original tailpiece shows some slight bend in profile, but is strong and stable with a solid hinge.


The guitar comes with the what was possibly the coolest of all archtop cases, the painted tweed Geib case.  The case is well worn with some separation at the edges, but the lid stay, hinges, and latches all work.  These cases are highly valued on their own, typically commanding prices over $1000 alone.


Ships free in the continental United States.  We also ship worldwide.  Please contact us for international rates.

SOLD - 1939 Gibson L-7 - Sunburst - Geib Painted Tweed Case

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