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This is a classic WW2 era entry level Epiphone archtop.  Note the rosewood crossbar on the tailpiece that was used to conserve metal for the war effort.  Because of spruce being diverted for other uses, the top of these are commonly referred to as poplar, although I've never seen confiramation that the wood is indeed poplar.  I can definitively say from using an endoscope to look at the inside that wood is definitely not spruce.  The masterful knowledge of carving and tuning the top of an acoustic archtop still shines though though, as this is a loud, resonant guitar with a strong fundamental, true to the classic sound of a swing era Epiphone archtop.


The playability is excellent, following a fresh fret dressing by master luthier Darrell Guinn.  The top shows a repaired crack adjacent to each f-hole, and there appears to be some light overspray to help conceal the repairs.  The original color appears retained though.


The guitar comes with an Eastman, well-padded gigbag which fits the guitar very nicely.


Ships free in the continental United States.  We also ship worldwide.  Please contact us for international rates.

SOLD - 1944 Epiphone Zenith Acoustic Archtop

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