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This 1946 Epiphone Triumph is a player's grade guitar that shows the signs of a well played guitar with much of the finish worn off of the neck.  One strum will tell you immediately why this guitar has been played so much.  It has the classic bold punch of a vintage Epiphone archtop, and is an amazingly easy playing instrument.

The neck has a very full neck with a slight, very soft V shape near the headstock that quickly transitions to a full C shape.  The fretboard radius appears to be slightly smaller than the typical Epiphone of this era, but I haven't measured.  Nonetheless, chord work flows like a dream all up and down the neck of this guitar.  I would classify it as a comping machine, but it would also be a very capable chord-melody guitar, not as singing as some archtops when playing a melody, but still very nice.

The finish shows some signs of light, professionally done overspray on the top, and a rough drop filled spot on the upper bout, bass side (pictured).  There are screw holes on the sides of the tail of the neck where a DeArmond pickup was mounted in the past, and there is a small screw hole in the top which is hidden by the pickguard.  There are no cracks anywhere.  Other than these signs of use, the guitar is in very good condition.

The guitar comes with a hard shell case which appears roughly of a similar vintage.  It shows a fair amount of wear, but is very solid with all components functioning as they should.

Weight - 5 lb 8 oz
Nut width - 1.71 inches

SOLD - 1946 Epiphone Triumph - Sunburst

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