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In 1948 Gibson shipped 266 L-7 archtops, and only a handful of these were given a factory black finish, and this is one of them.  In addition to its original factory black finish, this guitar comes with all original parts and the orginal Geib hard shell case.  Both the serial number and factory order number date the guitar to 1948.


This parallel braced L-7 has the classic Gibson archtop cutting tone capable of holding its place in the rhythm section of a full band, but it also sounds great as a solo or an accompaniment instrument.  The full, but not oversized C-shaped neck is very comfortable to play.  The original thin wire frets are not for the player who wants jumbos.  They play well for now, but are probably on their last round before the guitar will need a refret.


The finish is in good condition with some scuffs, scratches, and dents, as is usually seen in a guitar that's almost 75 years old.  The top has a couple of cracks, including a center seam crack. these are glued, cleated, and stable.  The bridge has room for adjustment either up or down as the player prefers.  The truss rod is fully functional.  The hardware is all in very good condition.  There is a small side crack at the endpin which is completely stable since it is attached to the endblock there.


Weight - 5.39 pounds

Nut width - 1.69 inches

1st fret depth - 0.89 inches

10th fret depth - 0.99 inches


The guitar comes with its original Geib hardshell case which is in good, fully functioning condition.  All hinges and latches work.  The lid stay is still intact.


Ships free in the continental United States.  We also ship worldwide.  Contact us for international rates.

SOLD - 1948 Gibson L-7 with Factory Black (Ebony) Finish - OHSC

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