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This beautiful ES-150, was made in Kalamazoo in 1951 and is from my personal collection. Only the best guitars I find ever make it into my personal collection and I don't sell any of them very often. 

Everything on the guitar is original, except for the tuning keys. The original ones were too degraded to be useable, but they will be included with the guitar. Just to repeat, everything else is original, even the pickguard. 

A really rare bonus with this guitar is that it not only includes the original case, but also the original hang tags from 1951 and they are in excellent shape too. 

The finish looks great and has nice checking as expected for a 65 year old guitar. An area around the endpin area of the tailpiece has some finish that came off, as seen in the photo. This area was sealed with a French polish by an expert luthier in order to preserve the wood. 

The strings ring out clearly across the fretboard and the original p90 pickup sounds fantastic with a classic jazz box sound. With the original case and case candy, this is a rare find. 

1951 Gibson ES-150 - Sunburst, Original Case And Hang Tags Included

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