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The time has come for me to let go a long time member of my personal collection to help fund the purchase of a long desired guitar that has become available.  This is quite simply the second best ES-175 I have ever played, the best being Herb Ellis's ES-175 (I have compared them back to back through the same amp).  I don't know what they were doing to make these guitars so great in 1953, but whatever magic was in Kalamazoo that year, this guitar and Herb's both got it.

All of the parts are original on this one, even the speed knobs.  It's all in great working order and the P90 in this one has a tone that is darker than most, but is still remarkably clear.  Much like Herb's 175, this one is light weight and quite lively when played acoustically.  It has certainly has adequate volume for unplugged home playing.

The frets are the original, vintage, skinny frets.  I usually don't like the skinny frets and have them changed to jumbos, but the neck is so perfect on this one that it still plays like a breeze.  I couldn't even think of changing them.

The neck is a full C-shape, but not chunky.  The finish of the neck is worn through on the bass side by the nut.  The rest of the finish is in remarkably good condition for a guitar of this era, despite it being a typical thin finish of these 50s ES-175s.  There is very little checking of the lacquer.  There are absolutely no cracks or breaks in the wood of this guitar.

The original hard shell case is included.  It is in very good condition, but one of the five latches is broken.  All of the others work and keep the case securely closed very well.

Weight - 5 lb 3 oz
Nut width - 1 11/16"

International shipping is possible, but our certification to ship rosewood is still in processing, and it may be a while yet before we are able to ship overseas.  Please contact us if you are interested in international shipping.

SOLD - 1953 Gibson ES-175 - Sunburst - 100% Original with Original Hard Case

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