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One of only 182 ES-175D Sunbusrsts made in 1953, this also was one of the last 100 guitars Gibson made in 1953. The guitar is in all original condition, except for the addition of a strap button on the underside of the neck heel joint, and it appears to have been refretted at some point. 

The playability is absolutely superb. The strings can be set to extremely low action if desired without fretting out. There is room at the bridge for adjustment either up or down, as desired. 

The guitar has gotten a lot of playing time over its 65 years which is a testament to its quality. The neck shows finish wear, including some finish that has flaked off, but it feels good in the hand. 

The original P90 pickups sound amazing. The electronics work well, but the switch is quite worn and will probably need to be replaced if you plan on switching between pickups a lot. For now, the electronics are left all in the original state. 

The original hard shell case is included. It shows considerable wear and has gaffer tape (which will not leave any residue) strengthening the areas wear it has come unglued. It can certainly be restored or simply put away while keeping the guitar in a new case

SOLD - 1953 Gibson ES-175D - Sunburst

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