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Talk about hard to find!  While this 5D3 Deluxe has tweed that shows a little wear, the internal parts are 100% untouched.  Not only that all of the components are still within spec!!!!  The amp was fully inspected by amp guru Michael Clark who confirmed that the amp is all original.  Michael commented that it runs as quietly as if it were one he just built, despite it being 64 years old with 64 year old capacitors!  Every soldered connection is this amp is original and untouched.  The tubes even appear original to the amp.  The only thing not actually original to the amp is the leather handle, but this was replaced with a vintage era correct NOS handle, keeping the amp in 100% original condition.

This happens to be an example of the very early transition from the 5C3 to the 5D3, dated February of 1954 by the "DB" code on the label.  You can see that they were still using the 5C3 label and simply crossing out the 6SC7 tubes and writing in 12AY7 and 12AX7.

Most importantly, how does it sound?  It sounds amazing.  The transitional period (5C3 to 5E3) 5D3 circuit is a little more forgiving than the 5E3 for the player and takes a little more to make it break up, and it's a little less "wild" than the earlier 5C3 model.  The original Jensen speaker also performs flawlessly.  I can recommend this amp without hesitation.  I know I'm asking a premium, but where else can you find a Tweed Deluxe amplifier that has a completely untouched circuit that doesn't hum?


Free shipping in the continental US.

International shipping is available.  International buyers, please contact me for shipping rates.

SOLD - 1954 Fender Deluxe - 100% Original, Untouched Circuit

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