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Made during the golden age of post-war Gibson guitars, this 1956 Gibson L-5C presents in beautiful condition and plays fantastically well.  The guitar has a full, punchy tone, rivaling the very best cutaway, parallel braced archtops that I have played, very similar to a 1953 example that we sold fairly recently. Note that this one also has a back made of exceptional pieces of tighly quilted maple.


The finish shows a light overspray on the neck, covering the finish wear that had previously exposed the bare maple.  The neck feels smooth and fast and playability is smooth and easy.  The remaining original finish shows some light checking and some very small areas of playwear and dings that are only finish deep, otherwise it appears remarkably nice for a guitar that is over 60 years old.  It has clearly been cared for very well.  The frets have lots of life left in them and the bridge has room for adjustment either up or down as the player prefers.  The bridge is a Gibson two-footed example.  The tailpiece shows an area of wear to the gold finish on the bass side.


The guitar comes with its original brown/pink Lifton case which is in very good cosmetic and excellent functional condition.


This guitar ships free to most of the world.  International customers please contact us before purchase.

SOLD - 1956 Gibson L-5C Acoustic Archtop - Exceptional punch and tone

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