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It's unusual to find a cherry sunburst Gibson guitar from 1960 that has retained so much of its original color.  The condition of the body, neck, and frets show that this guitar was kept in its case and played very little in all of it's 58 years.

This guitar is just back from our master luthier, Darrell Guinn, who carefully pulled the a few of the original frets, sanded down a hump in the fingerboard near the neck joint, and replaced the original frets.  He then did a light fret dressing to make the playability absolutely outstanding.  The action is now set low and with no fret buzzes.  It's a breeze to do fast runs, big bends, etc..

The original finish shows light checking on the body, but a completely smooth neck with no checking.  There are some very light scratches on the front and slightly more on the back, but almost nothing that couldn't be buffed out, except for one or two very tiny finish chips.

So, normally this would easily be a $3000 guitar, but you can save yourself several hundred dollars on this one and have a stunning looking player or a project for full restoration, because the hardware and electronics are not original.  All it would take is vintage correct hardware and electronics.  All of the replacement parts used in this guitar are of very high quality though.  The pickups are Lindy Fralin hum-canceling p90s.  I believe the wiring harness was made by RS Guitarworks.  The tuners are genuine Kluson Deluxe and the bridge is solid ebony.

Weight - 5 lb 9 oz
Nut width - 1 11/16"

A high quality hard shell case is included.

SOLD - 1960 Gibson ES-125 TDC - Cherry Sunburst (1st year of production)

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