This 1962 Gibson ES-175DN was one of only 68 shipped in that year.  This is the cream of the crop of Gibson's working players electric archtop of  the era.  During that time some of the biggest names in guitar were playing ES-175s, like Herb Ellis, Joe Pass, and Jim Hall.  Later some rock greats like Steve Howe discovered the versatility and great sounds that could be drawn from this remarkable hollowbody guitar.


This one features the much rarer natural finish which has always been considered a premium feature.  It also has original era first year patent decal humbuckers which are the exact same late, short magnet version of the PAF, simply with a different decal on the baseplate.  The covers appear to have been replaced at some point, but the internals are untouched.  The original tailpiece, wiring, Brazilian rosewood bridge, and gold reflector knobs are all there.  The original pickguard has it's original mounting bracket as well.  The pickguard has a small repair with a pop rivet used to reattach the pickguard to its neck mounting block (I suppose that's more reliable that just regluing).  The tuners are modern reproduction single line, double ring Kluson Deluxe, for an era correct design match.


This 175 has had a fairly recent refret with medium-jumbo wire which is in excellent conditon.  The guitar plays beautifully with all notes ringing clearly.  The PAF tone is fantastic and just what one would hope for in a vintage Gibson of this era.


The guitar shows evidence of lots of loving play with some finish worn off of the bass side lower bout, the back of the neck, and a small spot on the back.  There is also the usual finish checking to be expected on a 60 year old guitar.  This is a well cared for, but well played instrument, indicative of its quality as the tool of choice of a serious musician.


Weight - 6.35 pounds

Nut width - 1.685 inches

1st fret depth - 0.85 inches

12th fret depth - 0.91 inches


The guitar comes with a non-original, high quality, hard shell case.


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1962 Gibson ES-175 DN - First Year Patent Sticker Pickups