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That Rhythm Man Guitars is proud to present this beautiful example of a 1963 Gibson Barney Kessel with the preferred spruce top, long heel, and 1 11/16" nut.  


The playability and sound are superb. The spruce top allows adequate acoustic volume for playing at home unplugged. Check out the video here to hear the tone plugged into a Clark Amplification Fender Tweed Twin clone.


The guitar is mostly original. The tuners are original, but the buttons have been replace, as the old ones had degraded. The tuners work very well. The pots, switch, knobs, jack, bridge, tailpiece, and pickup rings are original, but the original pickups had been removed at some point. We happened to have a set of genuine Gibson MHS PAF reproductions that we put in the guitar. The pickups are a perfect match for this guitar, and in my opinion, they honestly sound better than the majority of original PAFs that I've heard in person.


The back of the neck had some scuffs and because of that was oversrprayed with lacquer at some point. This was done extremely well and the neck feels as smooth as new, while retaining the appearance of the original wear. The body has only the original thin laquer finish with typical checking for a guitar of this age.


The case appears likely original and came with the guitar. It is in good functional condition with fairly small amount of wear for the age.


We ship free in the continental United States.

SOLD - 1963 Gibson Barney Kessel Regular

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