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This amp may be road worn, but with good reason.  This amp can give you chiming cleans or tear open the sky.  It's a fantastic sounding amp. 


It's a very late example of this circuit with the "NA" code dating it to January of the year, shortly before the amps changed to the black tolex/silver grille cloth version.  The control panel is blackface though, making this a transitional version.  This amp is the 35 watt, piggyback version of the AA763 circuit.


The covering and grille cloth appear to be original.  They show staining and some tears in the tolex, but all is intact.  The speakers in the cabinet are Eminence Legend.  The cord has been replaced with a grounded three prong plug.  The failing capacitors were replaced with correct spec examples.  The replaced original parts will be included.  The footswitch is included.


Local sale preferred, but shipping can be arranged.  

SOLD - 1964 Fender Tremolux piggyback Head and Cabinet

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