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Video demo here.


This Epiphone Casino was appraised by George Gruhn for $4250 in 2015, priced here for hundreds less. It is in the same condition as it was when appraised, except it has the added value of now being paired with an era correct hard case which is in excellent condition.

The playability of this guitar is nothing short of stunning. The action is super low without any issues, as low as any guitar I’ve ever seen. The original frets also show virtually no wear.

The guitar is in great, all original condition, particularly for a 52 year old Gibson. Remarkably, this is a two owner guitar There is some light lacquer checking, a few small finish chips on the headstock, and just a few small 2-4 mm scuffs in the finish. Also, note the small dent in the back of the neck, and that the back of the headstock is marked with a “2” underneath the serial number

SOLD - 1967 Epiphone Casino - Cherry Red - All Original - Video Demo

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