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Here it is. You’re unlikely to have seen a ‘68 ES-175 in condition this close to pristine. This one owner 1968 ES-175 is in absolutely superb condition. It currently has a reproduction tailpiece on it, but no new holes were drilled to mount it. The original tailpiece which broke at the hinge is included. It appears that the tailpiece broke very early in the life of the guitar and because of that the guitar ended up in storage for most of the next 50 years. 

The rest of the guitar looks almost like it did the day it left Kalamazoo. All of the remaining parts are original. Once I set it up with the reproduction tailpiece, the guitar really came to life. The original patent number pickups sound fantastic and the original frets and neck are perfect. There is no detectable wear to the frets. The tone and playability are second to none. 

The burst was beautifully done and there are amazingly few checks in the finish for a guitar of this vintage. As can be seen in the photos, there is a small, difficult to see flaw in the finish on the bass side, near the neck pickup which looks like something came into contact with the lacquer. Fortunately, it didn’t cause any discoloration. There is also a small, very shallow dent in the neck, near the heel. The remaining finish looks almost new. 

Weight - 6 lb 2 oz. 

The original hardshell case and mint hang tags are included

SOLD - 1968 Gibson ES-175 - near pristine - original hang tags

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