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I have an awesome vintage hollow body archtop jazz box made in the Guild factory in 1974. These guitars were made by many of the same skilled craftsmen that made those mid-century Epiphones. You can see their work in the fretboard inlays, done with the combination mother of pearl blocks with the abalone triangles, as well as the double stripe down each side of the fretboard. 

This has a carved spruce top with flame maple back and sides. The original frets were recently leveled and recrowned. It has the original, often hard to find pickguard and knobs. The tuners were replaced long ago and the pickups are an early Seymour Duncan set. There are very few defects in the finish, mainly just the checking expected in a 42 year old guitar. 

This is an amazing deal in a vintage jazz box. A comparable Gibson would probably be at least double this price and many more recent Japanese archtops are going for more. 

Included is a new TKL hard shell case.

1974 Guild X-500 - Natural

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