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The video demo can be seen here.


This is 1983 Gibson Les Paul Spotlight Special #83 903.  Made in very small numbers, these guitars use premium woods and have much sought after Tim Shaw humbuckers.  They are among the earliest "Custom Shop" models of Les Pauls offered by Gibson.  

I own one of these myself and they are easily among my favorite version of the Les Paul.  These also stand out in that they are among the first Les Pauls to go back to the one piece mahogany neck, after many years of maple necks.  This one has much of the finish worn off of the neck, but shows remarkably little wear to the original frets which have at least 90% of their life left.  The action is low and smooth.  It plays just like one would hope most Les Pauls would.  

I find the combination of woods used in these guitars, along with the Tim Shaw's to give a very fast attack and just an all around great tone from clean to high gain and every point in between.  

Cosmetically, it's still in very good condition for a guitar that's been in use since 1983.  It has scattered small dings and dents, a fair amount of buckle rash, some loss of gold finish on the pickup cover, bridge and tailpiece, some finish worn off in the usual places, and looks like it had some stickers on the back at one time under a black light, although no residue remains on the guitar and the finish still looks good.  The tuners are replacement Gibson Deluxe with almost the same look as the originals and the strap buttons have been replaced with Schaller strap lock buttons.  All in all it's a player's grade guitar, but still looks great, and plays and sounds fantastic.  Please check out the video demo.

Weight - 9 lb 8 oz
Nut width - 1 11/16"

The original Generation 3 "chainsaw" Protector case is included.  The case is in superb condition.

SOLD - 1983 Gibson Les Paul Spotlight Special - Antique Sunburst - OHSC

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