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This 1983 Gibson Moderne is in 100%, untampered, original condition.  All of the original parts are untouched, right down to all original solder joints.  One pot code is 1980 and the other two are 1981.  The original Tim Shaw pickups date to 1983.  The finish is also all original with no touch ups.

The guitar has been freshly set up with Ernie Ball Slinky 10s and plays beautifully.  The frets are nice and level, and show almost no wear.  The action is low and fast.

This is the first of these guitars I've had the opportunity to play, and I have to say that I was wowed.  I already knew that Tim Shaw pickups deserved their reputation for tone, but this went beyond what I was expecting.  Maybe it's the combination of the korina body with the mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard, or maybe its just something unique to this guitar.  I don't know, but it sounds fantastic with a warm clean tone using the neck pickup, running through jazz chords and lines, or ripping high gain riffs and licks, and everything in between. I find it extremely versatile with tonal qualities that allow it to excel at any style.  That's a truly rare find!

The guitar has some play wear, including some buckle worming and scattered small dings.  The headstock had a small chip of wood knocked out next to the high e string tuner, but nothing that affects stability of the guitar at all.  A black light shows absolutely no evidence of repairs and the hardware, including all plastic parts appear original.  The gold on the pickup covers, bridge, and tailpiece show some wear.

The case is in beautiful condition with original handle and hardware.  All of the latches and hinges are in very good condition and work correctly.  The exterior appears to have a small amount of sticker residue in a couple of spot, but otherwise looks great.  The interior looks almost like new.

SOLD - 1983 Gibson Moderne Heritage Series - All Original with OHSC

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