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This is a very rare Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite Pro.  Many people claim that only 50 were made in each color, although I've never seen any substantiated shipping totals.  Nonetheless,  I haven't seen one of these for sale in more than 2 years, and it was over 5 years since the one before that.  This one is actually also the only one I have seen in black.  I have seen others in white or yellow.  I have not been able to find out what woods the body and neck are made of, but it seem most likely that they are mahogany.  The fretboard is a very nice piece of ebony.


The guitar plays beautifully with low, fast action and no fret buzz. All notes ring out clearly.  The body shows a fair amount of wear, but the frets are still in very good shape with lots of life left in them.  The tuning appears to be remarkably stable.  The stacked humbuckers have good output.  The neck pickup especially seems to have high output and is capable of really warm clean tones and nice overdrive.  The bridge pickup seems much thinner, but it has placement pretty close to the bridge.  It's fine, but if you're looking to Djent, this is probably not your guitar.  The toggle switch seems to be a coil split.


If you have seen Trogly talk about this Steinberger KB tremolo bridge, don't believe everything he says about them.  This is one of those cases where he doesn't really know what hes talking about.  I personally own more than one guitar (Epiphone Spotlight Nouveau) with these bridges and it's not that they are simply defective.  They just have an easily correctable design flaw.  By using replacement bridge posts that are longer and installing them directly into the baseplate (after first removing the post mounting rings which are the design flaw).  This one has had the repair and the tremolo works as it should.  It even has the original bar which is almost always missing.


Weight - 8.88 pounds

Nut width - 1.7 inches


The guitar comes with a brand new Lifton style Kaces Les Paul case which fits it beautifully.


Ships free in the continental United States.  We also ship worldwide.  Please contact us for international rates.

SOLD - 1989 Gibson Les Paul Studio Pro Lite - Black - Stacked Humbuckers

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