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Here is an unusual find, a Heritage H-575 finished in solid black. This is the first H-575 we have had in our shop that is finished in a solid color. I’ve only rarely seen this model in a solid finish anywhere. 

This model has a 16 inch lower bout, very similar in size and shape to a Gibson ES-175. It differs in the the Heritage model is built all of solid maple, including carved solid maple top and back. 

This particular example is in all original condition, including the original Schaller pickups. The original hard shell case is also included. 

This one has been played quite a bit, as great guitars often are. I would say that the frets have about half of their expected life left in them. As it is it’s playability is excellent. The neck angle is spot on, allowing the bridge to be set in a position that allows for adjustment either up or down, however the new owner prefers the action to be set. 

The neck shape is almost a full C, but it actually has a slightly flattened curve across the center, almost like a D shape, but not quite fully D.  Overall, it’s a thicker neck carve than most of the Heritage guitars I’ve seen. 

There are several small, scattered dings, as pictured. I’ve also tried to show the light checking of the finish that is present, but it only shows at just the right lighting angle. It’s also of note that the finish was applied thinly so while it is black, it appears to have a slight brown tone, rather than being jet black

SOLD - 1990 Heritage H-575 - Black

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