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Video demo can be seen here.


This 1993 Gibson Tal Farlow was actually my main gigging guitar for the last couple of years.  I found myself moving on to a '68 Super 400 that had a tone that fit my playing better.  This guitar plays absolutely beautifully though, and sits great in a live mix.  As someone who has gigged with it numberous times, I can say that it's great for backing as well as soloing.

This guitar has a great 50s neck carve, and the neck is second to none.  The action can be set very, very low and the guitar will still sound great.  It's simply among the easiest playing archtops I've ever found, explaining a big reason that I chose it for gigging.  Give it a listen on the video demo I have posted.

The condition is easily excellent.  The pickguard shows light scratches and the pickup covers and bridge show some finish wear, but otherwise the guitar is in superb condition.  The frets easily have 90% or more of their life left, and there are absolutely no dents or significant scratches at all.

Weight - 7 lb 9 oz
Nut width - 1 11/16"

A non-original hardshell case is included.

SOLD - 1993 Gibson Tal Farlow Master Model - Natural - All Original - VIDEO DEMO

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