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This Heritage Eagle has a body made entirely of carved mahogany. You might be thinking that a mahogany top would be a bad choice for the top of a guitar built as an acoustic instrument, but the fine folks on Parsons Street know how to use it to make a wonderful sounding instrument. They know how to select the right piece of wood for the job. The result is a sound that is a little darker and warmer than a spruce top in my experience, and very full. The volume output acoustically seems on par with most spruce top archtop guitars. 

This one has been equipped with a Shadow Attila Zoller floating pickup. This guitar really shines when plugged in. The playability is outstanding and the action can be set very low with clear ringing of all strings at all frets. 

This guitar has been extremely well cared for in its 23 years with hardly a scratch on it. The condition is excellent to near mint, easily a 9 out of 10. 

The pickguard has been notched larger than the pickup to accommodate a DeArmond 1100 on an adjustable arm which had once been mounted on this guitar. The current Zoller is affixed on the lower side with a small amount of easily removable epoxy. Apparently the lower mounting if the pickup was broken off at some point. 

A 1970s Gibson 17" archtop case is included. The case is somewhat worn, as seen in the pics, but is fully functional. The handle has had some cable ties added around the attachment to the case, but I'm not sure why that was done. Maybe they were intended as a reinforcement. 

SOLD - 1994 Heritage Eagle Mahogany - Antique Sunburst

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