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If it weren't for the crumbling pickguard and some corrosion to the pickup covers and mounting screws caused by off-gassing guard, this guitar would be absolutely mint condition.  All parts are original.  The finish is flawless, the frets show no wear and the set up is perfect.  This guitar looks like it has been left in its case for the last 23 years.  

Because of the issues with the pickguard, I have removed it and placed it in a plastic bag to be kept safely outside of the guitar case.  The pickguard and mounting hardware will be included with the guitar.

The guitar plays like a dream, and the early '57 Classic humbuckers sound fantastic.  The neck has a smooth, round, medium C-shaped carve with a only a slight taper.  The frets are level and the neck is straight with only a slight relief.  The action is currently set low and the guitar plays fast.  The bridge has room for adjustment, both up and down.  The neck angle appears perfect.

The original hardshell case is included.  The case shows a loss of color of the satin shroud where it covered the pickguard, but otherwise is in wonderful condition.  The combination lock has never been set. 

The pictured ad is from a '50s edition of Downbeat magazine.  It was received with the guitar, and will be included.

Our certification for the international shipment of rosewood is pending, so international shipping, while possible, would be significantly delayed.  International buyers, please contact us before purchasing, if interested.

SOLD - 1995 Gibson Master Model Tal Farlow - Vintage Sunburst - NEAR MINT

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