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When I was a teenager and barely able to play anything on the guitar (some may argue that I'm still barely able to play anything), there was one brand of guitar that captured my dreams more than any other....Paul Reed Smith.  At the time, there was simply no large scale maker of guitars that could compare with the quality.  Gibson had been struggling for years, Fender just wasn't really making guitars of a comparable level.  Many years later, PRS is making many times more guitar per year than they were then, but they've somehow managed to maintain the highest level of quality control with no period showing issues that I've yet to see.

This guitar is part of that core lineage of PRS guitars.  The
Standard 22 lacks the figured maple top of the Custom 22, instead having a solid mahogany body.  The hardware and electronics are otherwise the same.  This one features the original Dragon I pickups that can simply roar.  The neck is the pattern regular profile, and the action is low and smooth.  I can't say much more than it's simply a wonderful guitar to play.

The original strap buttons have been replaced with a strap lock system.  The strap portion is also included.

The original hardshell case is included.

We ship worldwide.  Please contact us for rates.

SOLD - 1995 Paul Reed Smith Standard 22 (original core line version)

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