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Made for only 4 years in limited numbers, the ES-446 took the idea of the ES-346 two steps further.  The ES-446 body starts with a solid, single slab of mahogany which is routed out, but unlike the ES-346, is fully hollow, rather than semi-hollow, and features a solid, carved Sitka spruce top, much like the classic full size L-5.  The ES-446 also features a body with a lower bout size of just 13 3/4 inches, a full 2 3/4 inches smaller than an ES-335, making this guitar perfect for someone who prefers the size of a Les Paul, but get some increased resonance from a fully hollow body and a spruce top.


The guitar's forte is as a resonant electric guitar which excels at clean to overdriven sounds on the lighter end of the spectrum, but if you know how to control feedback, it is also very good at the higher gain end of the spectrum as well.  It has just enough acoustic output for unplugged practice.  The unamplified tone has just a bit of a banjo-like character, but with much more warmth.


The guitar shows very little play wear with frets that are in excellent condition.  This ES-446 plays incredibly easy with a medium C shaped neck, slightly smaller than a typical '59 neck.  All notes ring out clearly with no buzzing.


The original hard shell case is included.


We ship world wide!  Free shipping in the continental US.

SOLD - 2000 Gibson Custom Shop ES-446

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