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This Gibson ES-5 Custom was made in the Nashville Custom Shop with a couple of unique features.  It may be a one off, but I can't say for sure. First, notice that it only has two pickups, rather than three, kind of making it like an ES-350D electronically, but it has the cosmetic appointments of an ES-5.  Also, the electronics layout is made like an ES-5 with a volume control for each pickup and a master tone knob on the upper bout.  The other major modification to the standard spec is a factory alnico 5 ("staple") pickup in the neck position, giving this guitar a neck pickup tone that can closely approximate that of the mid 1950s L-5 CES and Super 400 CES.  I don't know who ordered it this way, but hats off to them.  It was a great idea.  Having the bridge P90 adds a lot of versatility to this  guitar.  Both pickups sound great by themselves, but some really nice additional tones can be brought out by blending the two pickups together.


The guitar is in near mint condition with only some light scratches on the pickguard, and a couple of almost unidentifiable, very small, light scratches in the finish on the back. There is also a slight amount of the gold plating on the bass side edge of the ABR-1 bridge that is rubbed off.


The playability is outstanding with low, fast action.  The C-shaped neck is full and comfortable.  The frets have only minimal wear.


Weight - 7.25 pounds

Nut width - 1.72 inches

1st fret depth - 0.83 inches

10th fret depth - 0.98 inches

Scale length - 25 inches


The guitar comes with the original Gibson Art & Historic Custom Shop hardshell case.


Ships free in the United States and for very reasonable rates worldwide.

2001 Gibson ES-5 Custom - Two Pickups - Factory Alnico 5 "Staple" Neck Pickup

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