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After a lot of deliberation I have decided to let this one go from my personal collection.  It's a truly amazing electric archtop, but I just have others that because of my personal tastes are my go to guitars.


The woods used on this guitar are absolutely the best.  The carved spruce top shows an amazing amount of medullary rays and even some bear claw.  The carved back, sides, and neck are made with top choice AAAA flame maple. The fretboard is a flawless, black slab of ebony.  You'll have a hard time finding better woods anywhere, on any guitar.


On to the electronics, this has the real deal Gibson remake of the full blade style "Charlie Christian" pickup.  Does it sound like an original CC pickup from the 1930's?  No, not quite, but it certainly hasn't had the chance to age yet, and even though it's not quite the same, it does sound amazing in its own right.


I have been told that there were only six of these made in 2002, and this is the only blond one of the six.


The only flaws I can find are a very small finish scuff in the top on the bass side near the pickup, and two less than 1 mm finish dents near the tone knob.  These could easily be fixed, should the new owner desire.


The original hardshell case is included.

SOLD - 2002 Gibson Super 400 CC - One of six made in 2002, only one in blond

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