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The guitar is part of the original Elitist line offered by Epiphone and like the other hollow and semi-hollow guitars in this line was built in the Terada factory in Japan to the highest standards. This is the closest thing that Gibson has produced to an L5 outside of the USA. 

This guitar is all original, but the pickups had been temporarily changed out. The originals have been restored. Amazing jazz and blues tones are right at your fingertips. 

While this guitar has been played a lot, it still has far more life in it. The frets have moderate wear, but the playability is still fantastic and there is still a considerable amount of life left in these frets.  There is a finish crack near the upper f-hole. This crack DOES NOT involve the wood, as can be seen in the mirrored photo of the inside of the body. It is finish only. There is also a small dent on the spruce top near the tailpiece. 

A non-original TKL hardshell case is included. 

Weight: 7 lb 10 oz.

SOLD - 2005 Epiphone Elitist Broadway - Lollar Imperials

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