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This is simply the most exquisite Gibson SG I have ever seen.  The highly flamed maple top dances in the light, showing gorgeous color variations.  This appears to be a full maple cap on top of a mahogany base. The headstock has the classic diamond inlay, usually seen on the Les Paul Custom.  The fingerboard is ebony with split diamond inlays, typical of the Trini Lopez signature model.  It all combines to make a visually stunning SG, like no other.

This guitar is not all just good looks though.  The neck is straight with a full, slighly D shaped neck with almost no taper at all.  With the body meeting the neck at the 22nd fret, it is incredibly easy to play all the way up to the 24th (yes, it goes all the way up to 24 frets!).  The action is nice and low with no buzzing.  The frets show no detectable wear.  The tone is classic Gibson all the way.

The finish is in excellent condition with only a few, almost unnoticeable surface dings that do not break the finish.

Original case candy is included, and the original hardshell case has never even had the tab removed from the locking latch.

International shipping is available for this item.  Please contact me for shipping rates.


SOLD - 2007 Gibson SG Custom Supreme - Translucent Black

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