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This guitar was Gibson's guitar of the month for February 2008 and is #497 of 1000.  The contoured carve of the SG Diablo takes the classic SG shape to a higher level of refinement.  The color is a metallic red with gold undertones and looks great in person.

This one shows some fret wear in the "cowboy chord" area, but almost none anywhere else.  The finish is in very good shape, but does show some checking around the controls, a small spot where there appears to have been a small piece of tape at one time and some buckle worming on the back which does not penetrate the finish.  The sides of the headstock show small areas of finish damage caused by a guitar hanger that was not safe for nitrocellulose finish.  These spot can really only be seen when looking at the bottom of the headstock directly from the sides.

The playability is excellent with low, fast action.  It has great tone with some electronic upgrades apparent.  The pots are Bourns 500K, and the pickups are Gibson '57 Classic/'57 Classic Plus.

The guitar comes with a good quality, well padded gig bag.

Nut width - 1 23/32"
Weight - 7 lb 2 oz

All of our guitar receive a thorough, professional inspection and are guaranteed to arrive in the condition described and photographed.

The new SG Diablo—Gibson USA’s first Guitar of the Month for 2008—captures the essence of a classic design, and takes it one step further. Like the SG Standard in 1961, the new SG Diablo sets a precedent for style, function, and design. The top and back of the Diablo’s mahogany body are carved to accent the contour of the SG’s distinct lines, giving the guitar a three-dimensional appearance from afar. The Diablo’s controls have been streamlined to one volume and one tone, in addition to the standard three-way switch. The volume control has also been moved closer to the bridge pickup for easy access and volume swells. The new SG Diablo also takes the SG’s 24 3/4-inch scale length mahogany neck and adds two additional frets—for a total of 24—allowing an even higher register of notes from a guitar already known for its searing lead-playing capacity. Gibson’s traditional round neck profile and rosewood fingerboard enhance the guitar’s resonance and sustain, and secures its reputation as the fastest guitar neck in the world. It is available only in a Red Metallic finish, with matching headstock. Like all Guitars of the Month, production is limited to just 1,000 guitars.

SOLD - 2008 Gibson SG Diablo Guitar of the Month Limited Run #497- Metallic Red

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