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This 2012 Triggs electric archtop is built in the style of a Super 400 CES by Jim Triggs (formerly of the Gibson Custom Shop) and his son, Ryan. It has a full 18 inch lower bout width, but is a little thinner than a Super 400.  The two P90 pickups were handwound by Kent Armstrong. 

The guitar has a wonderful setup and is currently strung with a Thomastik Infeld Jazz Swing 12s set. It has a surprisingly full acoustic tone for a guitar with two pickups mounted in the top. The plugged in tone is everything you would expect for a Super 400 with pickups made by Kent Armstrong, warm and full, with just the right amount of P90 bite. 

The construction is all solid Woods with a beautiful carved spruce top and heavily flamed maple sides and a stunning carved maple back. The one piece maple neck has classic barber pole striping. The satin finish has a very small amount of checking that is very hard to see and some light chips on the top of the headstock. 

The guitar comes with TKL’s top version of an archtop hard shell case. One latch is bent a little, but all still work perfectly. Cosmetically, the case is in excellent condition

SOLD - 2012 Triggs Super 400 - Sunburst

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