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I just got my hands on a few brand new guitars. All of them are old stock from the last few years. All are unplayed, except for me testing the setup. 

This one is the real gem of them all. This is a brand new 2013 Gibson BB King Lucille that was in dealer storage for the last three years, untouched. This one is a Memphis Custom Shop model, as can be seen in the Certificate of Authenticity.  The color looks more like the ruby that was used in the Gem series guitars in 2011 than the cherry that is sometimes used for Lucilles to my eye.  My assumption is that this was a custom shop color.  

It comes with the Certificate of Authenticity from the Memphis custom shop and the custom case that says BB King on the outside. The deal also includes a set of Gibson BB King signature strings. 

The street price for a new standard issue Lucille is $6999. Here is your chance to get a brand new one that is a rare example of a limited run for less than $4000. Shipping is included in the purchase price.

2013 Gibson Custom Shop B.B. King Lucille ES-355

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