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This 2013 Les Paul Future Tribute is essentially in mint condition, but as the factory installed tuners have been replace with Grover Rotomatics, I have listed it as excellent.  No new holes were drilled for the tuners, they were just dropped in.  The finish is flawless and the electronics are 100% original.

This guitar has a pro setup with the truss rod tweaked to perfection.  The straight neck allows low, fast action with no buzzing anywhere.  The neck profile immediately feels like a slightly D shaped '60s profile, but it actually a slightly asymmetrical design used for these guitars.  I have to admit that it feels very good, and quite ergonomic. 

These come with my personal favorite Gibson pickups for solid body guitars, the '57 Classic in the neck, and the '57 Classic Plus in the bridge.  These pickups have Alnico 2 magnets which lend the pickups to greater clarity and less harshness than either the Burstbuckers or 490 series Gibson pickups found in most Les Pauls.  

The electronics, truss rod, tuners, and the tonewoods make this guitar a steal at the price they are going for.  All the tone and playability of a good Les Paul Standard are here for a fraction of the price.

A non-original TKL hardshell case comes with this guitar, rather than the usual gig bag.  The case is in essentially new condition.

Weight - 8 lb 14 oz
Nut width - 1 5/8"


Ships free in the continental United States.

SOLD - 2013 Gibson Les Paul Future Tribute - Vintage Sunburst

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